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In today’s society, sometimes we know very little about the products we purchase — many of them being mass produced with little or no attention to each fine detail. Here at BUD&THISTLE, we strive to bridge the gap between maker and consumer, building a personable relationship with each purchase. Every item is designed and handmade to last, with materials that are hand-picked and bought locally.

BUD&THISTLE began in 2014 as an idea to create items that are simple, practical and timeless for both Baby (Bud) and Mama (Thistle), and everyone alike. As we continued to support small shops and meet other local business owners, the idea of expanding to other independent brands — carrying quality products as well as supporting talented makers — came about in 2016.

All our curated products are independently made items that we love and enjoy in our own home. We find joy in knowing who and where our items are coming from. Each product has been specifically chosen with care from other small shops, both local and worldwide. We love supporting small and buying handcrafted items, and we encourage you to do the same!


Noelle is a wife and mama of three girls, living just outside of Toronto, Ontario. She grew up always interested in hands-on hobbies and activities. After a few years in University she felt like there was something more creative waiting out there for her. Since then, she has been fortunate enough to turn her passion and talent for photography into a full-time business, along with her sister, at Madison Paige Photography. This career path has allowed her the flexibility to pursue her other dream of designing and creating the leather goods she sells today, run her online shop, as well as spend time with her daughters.

She enjoys the simple things in life — good food, hanging out, her second cup of coffee, experiencing new places, napping, rainy days, and long walks on the beach (for real! haha). She has a large wardrobe of too many grey t-shirts and vintage denim, but also loves slow fashion and beautiful handwoven textiles. In another lifetime she would probably own a small flower and/or coffee shop (they go well together, right?). She is grateful for the continuous support of her loved ones and the many opportunities she gets to meet new people through her businesses, as well as the relationships built through them. At the end of the day, she hopes that her daughters will recognize the faith and (growing) fearlessness through her entrepreneurial drive to make any dream of hers become a reality, and apply it to their own lives now and in the future. She also hopes her husband will buy her a cat :]