In today's day and age, we may know very little about the products we purchase- where they're made, who makes them and if they're receiving a fair wage, where the materials are sourced, etc. I believe it's important to know all these details when purchasing quality products, so here at BUD&THISTLE, I've made it my goal to bridge the gap between maker and consumer. All products are handmade by me or curated from small shops that put their heart in the products they design, create, and bring to life. All products have been tried, tested, and enjoyed in our own home on the daily and I hope you love them as much as we do!

*Note: BUD&THISTLE is based just outside of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. However, prices are listed in USD as most materials and curated products are sourced from the United States. If you are a Canadian shopper, please use the code 'CANADA' at checkout and ensure your billing address is within Canada. This code is only applicable to Canadian customers. Orders placed outside of Canada with this code will be immediately cancelled. For any questions, feel free to send me an email via the contact form. Thank you!



HELLO! My name's Noelle. It's pronounced No-Elle, not Nole. And yes, I was born in December, in case you're like every other Starbucks employee that I love chatting with ;)
I'm a wife to my better half, a mama to three crazy/beautiful/strong-willed girls and a full-time wedding photographer at Madison Paige Photography (heck yeah, a shameless plugin). I love sushi, naps, my second cup of coffee, getting caught in the rain, napping after eating sushi while it's raining out, and my third cup of coffee. Hah. I also love cats, but my husband doesn't (tsk). And dogs - especially when they're sticking their heads out of the car window living their best life. I love a good trip to the thrift store, ethically made clothing, handwoven textiles, and daydreaming of making my own clothing for me and my girls.

I started BUD&THISTLE when my second daughter was born in 2013. I purchased a vintage 1950s Singer sewing machine from Kijiji and played around with thrifted leather, creating my very first pair of baby moccasins, and a bag that I still use on the regular! Since then, I started making leather pieces that were not that easy to find in small, local shops - keychains, pacifier clips, card holders, etc. - and fell in love with adding a custom touch to them. To this day, I love hand-stamping each letter one by one and creating pieces that are surely one-of-a-kind.